Team GBR

The Green Brothers were born to be successful and are well equipped to stamp their mark on racing in NSW and across Australia. We have a unique mix of corporate business experience and intricate knowledge of racing and training between us.

Clint (Racing Manager) has the business nous and acumen to look after all things off the track, allowing Peter (Horse Trainer) to focus solely on the horses and getting them to achieve their best. A mix of Peter's lifelong equine knowledge and horsemanship combined with Clint’s extensive customer experience background is a huge asset for this quickly growing stable. Green Brothers Racing are all about creating a fun atmosphere for their owners and enhancing the experience of race horse ownership on and off the track. 

Peter has a strong harness racing background, where he cut his teeth with some of the sports finest participants. Names like Vic Frost and Barry Purdon are legends of harness racing and Peter has applied learning's from each of their training styles to form his own. Peter believes a lot of the skills from harness racing are transferable in to thoroughbred racing and he has great work ethic forged from those days in the harness circles. 

Peter works tirelessly to get his horses right for the races and achieves this using a variety of methods. He is meticulous with everything, from arriving on course at 3am to start the day, placing each one of the horses on a walker for 30 minutes to ensure they are fully warmed up and ready for training. The little things are what Peter, along with hard work, believes will bring out the best of his horses which will in turn enable them to perform at their peak on race day. Peter prides himself on getting to know what makes each horse tick to get the best out of them. No challenge is to great and loves being able to take a horse with limited ability and get them to perform above the expectations of their owners and sometimes himself.

On course at Hawkesbury we have access to the brand new Polytrack which is world class standard, with additional access to grass and sand tracks, swimming pool, sand rolls, educational barriers and a trail ride track which Peter will use to change up his teams work and keep the horses mentally fresh. We also have our own walking machine, a spacious round yard and plenty of day yards for those looking for a bit fresh air and sun on their backs. Peter uses a professional team of riders committed to Green Brothers Racing, enabling him to keep a good handle on where the team is at all times in their preparation.

Peter and Clint are well on their way to race course success and now is a great time to jump on board and enjoy the ride with them. 

You can become part of Team GBR by jumping on board with one of our horses, or are more than welcome to have Pete train your own horse.

For more information, please contact Clint here.